Looking for Part 1 where I talk about Vibe, Color Scheme, Font & Logo? Read it here.

how to brand your freelance business

For Part 2 we will be focusing on all the materials you will need for your freelance business after you’ve done the initial branding discussed in Part 1. When acquiring clients, you exchange a variety of information and your brand needs to be present in every little detail of your business.

The Necessary Materials To Brand Your Freelance Business


Have a Website

freelance web design business

Every freelance business needs a website whether they are freelance web designers (me) or have another specialty like photography or writing. Your website needs examples of your work, an explanation of your services and a way for prospective clients to get in contact with you.

For the branding of your site, take the vibe, color scheme and font (discussed in Part 1) and apply it towards your website.

how to brand your freelance business 02.

Have a Business Card

Businesses Cards are a necessary tool for in-person networking. They should feature your logo, name and contact information. Always make sure to check for typos! Only after I got 50 business cards printed, I noticed I spelled development “develoment".


Have a Proposal and Invoice Template

A proposal is a document for a client that details the project details, pricing and projected deadline. This document is a great way to start off on the same page with your client. It’s also an opportunity to showcase your eye for design and professionalism.

An invoice is essentially an itemized bill for your clients. The most important information is the total of the bill and your address, so your client can send you a check! For the invoice, I rearranged the information some to make my contact information more prominent and included a table for all expenses.

freelance web design business
how to brand your freelance business

Have Social Media

I'll be honest, social media isn't my thing, but from a business standpoint-- it's a great tool. For my personal social media accounts, I like to keep private but for my business accounts-- I'll shout my new posts from a rooftop. For me, there's nothing more satisfying than going live with a site, so trust me followers--you will hear about it!

When setting up a social media account, the design and layout is pretty restrictive, so I do what I can.

how to brand your freelance business

My Facebook Business Page.

how to brand your freelance business

My Twitter page.

And there you have it! How to Brand Your Freelance Business!
In part 1, I discussed how the vibe, colors and typography come together to create your logo. And then in Part 2, this blog post, I discussed how you take all the things you learned in part 1 and apply it towards your website, business card, invoices, proposals and social media accounts.
If I could leave with any advice, is that your freelance business should be branded in a way that feels 100% genuine, down to the littlest of details.