For the past year and a half I’ve told myself that I would learn javascript for real. I did a few projects in college that involved Javascript, but I never truly grasped the language. Now, I am graduated and don’t have the luxury to take any more programming classes. But who cares? It’s 2016. I have the internet and a determination to learn Javascript.

That’s why I’m getting a jump start on new year resolutions and will devote each month to a new, specific skill. And September is Javascript.

Javascript is part of the holy trinity--HTML,CSS & Javascript. The holy trinity is the backbone of every website and the most basic of tools a developer needs to know. HTML is the markup that lays everything out on a site, the CSS makes it look pretty and the Javascript makes it function.

I know HTML & CSS, building dozens of websites in the past year forced me to learn it deeply. However, Javascript has always evaded me. Maybe it’s the days we live in with ready-made templates and themes for Content Management Systems that boast a “drag-and-drop website with no coding required”. Whenever I’ve needed a slideshow, a quiz or a calculator— the internet already has one made for me.

Somehow I have designed and developed over 20 websites in the past year, and have not written a single line of Javascript. So why even learn it? To be honest, I don’t have an answer for that yet. Right now—ego is fueling me. I’d be embarrassed to admit I don’t know Javascript if I met some of the developers I admire so much. I hope at the end of the month I feel differently. I want to be a converted Javascript lover that has the toolbox to build custom functionality into my websites.

I’ll keep everyone updated on my improvements this month. First step—complete the Javascript course on Code Academy.

Me already this month.