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web design inspiration

Y7K is a design studio based in Zurich, Germany and I really dig their stie! This website is the most impressive on mobile. On mobile websites I normally don't see any animation. Y7K has all the subtle animations of a desktop website, which was so fun to see. Also I liked it's menu-focused navigation vs. scrolling navigation because it allowed for the screen to load so fast on mobile. Also, also they have great work!



web design inspiration

Chatt2.Org is a community-led movement for education and job growth in Chatanooga & it was built by Whiteboard. The reason why I'm featuring this site is because it was a delightful surprise. Typically, local-oriented websites with a focus on not-so-trendy sectors like education or job growth, don't have cool websites. (Also I say 'not-so-trendy' because creative websites are usually for juice bars and design studios). This website made use of some of the hottest web trends today such as neon colors and flat design.



web design inspiration

This website did not come out super recently, but I saw it for the first time yesterday. It was designed and built by Aude DeGrassat, one of my freelance design girl crushes. Last year, awwwards selected her as one of the best freelancers of the year, and she deserved it! I could go on for a thousand words why I love this website. I love the combination of vaporwave gifs with vintage illustrations. Also I really liked the color palette of soothing blues and grays. Kind of a nice break from all the neon colors we see today. Lastly, the website succeeds in telling a story through the use of scrolling navigation and animation.



web design inspiration

I've admired Allison McCann's work for awhile. In college, I wanted to be a data visualizaiton expert, and Allison's work was such an inspiration. Turns out I'm super clunky with data, so I changed paths from data visualization. Allison McCann updated her website recently and it really draws on the brutalist web design trend. Brutalist web design has a cult following, and you could call me a believer. Her website isn't trying to have a big hero image or a million parallax scroll effects. Her website is fun, simple and definitely memorable. I can only dream that I'll have a client one day that will want such an off-the-wall, fun website like this.


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