Wowza! The internet is always full of goodies. This week, I've realized that I'm really happy when websites don't have the UI of an iOS app. And that I doubt I'll ever be hip enough to work on a website collaboration with Keith Ape.



web design inspiration

Made by: Julie Flogeac

This website immediately put a smile on my face. I had been trolling the internet for inspirational websites in a personally uninspired hour, and I was so glad to find this website. Lo-Flo Records takes a nostalgic approach in design with hand drawn illustrations and colors that remind you of 1960s and 1970s. The site is for Jane McNealy, a talented musician, whose music I am listening to now (I suggest you do the same). So many websites these days remind me of an iPhone. Modern and sleek with bright colors. I’m numbed out by the style, so it’s so refreshing when I stumble across a website that keeps the core of design principles (usability) but ignores all the trends.



web design inspiration

Made by:Dog Studio

Is the ultimate design opportunity building a website for a design conference? I’m starting to think so and here’s why.

  1. You are designing a website for designers. Your aunt who uses IE8 will most likely never see it and won’t call you asking why nothing is working.
  2. The site is re-done annually for each new conference so you don’t have to stress about the design having longevity to grow with a business. Aka go crazy with as many weird design elements as you want.
  3. If you designed the website, you probably get to attend the conference for free! And maybe even speak at it!

Ok, back to Kikk’s design. If there was a inquisitive alien who was fueled by purple fanta — it would be the keynote speaker of KIKK. The website is intergalactic and fun and purple, while featuring some great animation and scroll effects I’m DYING to learn.



web design inspiration

Made by:Resn

Diamonds is one of those site collaborations that makes me wonder if I’ll ever be cool enough to work on a project like this. Diamonds features Keith Ape hip hop, converse sneakers AND top-notch Resn video animation/design/functionality. My level of “cool” tops off at sad Patsy Cline songs and eating a lot of beets.If one day Keith Ape high-fives me and says "Awesome design, Allison!” — you will hear about it, forever . Also this site won Site of the Month (#SOTM for cool kids) on Awwwards.


Some Web Design Tutorials I'm doing/gonna do

web design inspiration

Codecadamy: Javascript^^ That's how far I am!!

Any Javascript tutorial reccomendations? I am forcing myself to learn Javascript in the month of September. Halp.