Steel & Plank is one-of-a-kind store -- part lifestyle goods, part custom furniture and part movement on the idea of taking it slow and enjoying life! I was excited to take on this project because Steel & Plank is a literal next door neighbor to me in Athens, GA. I helped Steel & Plank launch a website redesign at the start of the lockdown that helped them survive (and thrive!) through online sales. The website features a unique split between their furniture and lifestyle products (different homepage for each, different product page templates for each). The website also lifts up their vendors, clearly communicates their mission and has a popular blog on slow living.

April 2020


Ecommerce ā€¢ Custom Furniture & Lifestyle Goods

Steel & Plank furniture homepage

Steel & Plank furniture product page

Steel & Plank lifestyle homepage

Steel & Plank lifestyle product page

Steel & Plank vendors

Steel & Plank blog

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