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Welcome to The World of Pearl! India Rows, founder of The Pearl Girls, wanted to create a niche website about her international travels to pearl farms. The Pearl Girls is her e-commerce business selling and repairing pearl jewelry, whereas The World of Pearl is all about her involvement in the international pearl industry. The website includes a blog on her international trips and her experiences in the international pearl industry, sign-up information on upcoming trips India hosts and a specialty online shop of pearls she’s sourced directly.

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The World of Pearl is user-friendly for all devices, including smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

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The World of Pearl blog features a flexible layout for posts that have featured images and posts that do not have featured images. The sidebar also includes a category list based on the countries she discusses in her writing.

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India hosts international trips so that anyone can be a Pearl Girl (or guy!). Each trip includes a trip to a pearl farm where the Pearl Girls can hand-select pearls for a one-of-a-kind piece of pearl jewelry. India has hosted trips to Tahiti, Bali, Vietnam, Mexico, Fiji and Australia.

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The trips section of the website includes information on upcoming trips, including itinerary, pricing and location. Site visitors can also sign up for trips and the trip newsletter.

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The World of Pearl online shop is for pearl jewelry directly sourced from India’s international travels. To view India’s full jewelry line, visit The Pearl Girls.

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The online shop is user-friendly on all devices and browsers.

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