In 2019, UGA Research's Office of Communications ended the print publication of their quarterly UGA Research magazine and moved their entire publication online. I provided the web design and development for this transformational shift. The UGA Research News publication website is a platform for multimedia storytelling -- through words, images and video.

October 2019


Publication • Interactive Storytelling

The UGA Research website was a big, collaborative effort on behalf of myself and the UGA Research Office of Communications. For decades, UGA Research has been a quarterly magazine that provided the latest in UGA research, discovery and innovation. In 2019, the UGA Research Office of Communications decided to end the printing of UGA Research and move the entire publication online at

This transformational decision came about because they wanted UGA Research to provide the latest research news in all formats – longform features, short articles, interactive photo galleries and video.

UGA Research News homepage featuring slideshow and latest news


The homepage for UGA Research features the latest in UGA research news through a slideshow of featured stories, featured categories, most popular stories, and featured videos and photo galleries.

When building the homepage, I made sure that every element of the homepage could be updated and re-arranged by the UGA Research staff. A publication website needs to be flexible, and I provided that opportunity through custom Wordpress development.

UGA Research News open side menu

I created a custom side menu that opens when you click the hamburger menu icon. The side menu features custom widgets that can be updated easily by UGA Research staff. We decided to include an expanded side menu to keep the primary menu simple and uncluttered. The side menu includes featured categories, social media and newsletter sign up link.

UGA Research News homepage featuring highlighted categories and most popular stories

The UGA Research publication provides in-depth news on a variety of research topics. On the homepage, there are a few category spotlights – such as Innovation and Animal Health. The homepage also features a “Most Popular Features” section.

UGA Research News homepage on mobile


UGA Research is split into three mediums – Read, Look and Watch. The “Read” medium includes UGA Research’s longform features and articles.

UGA Research News READ section

The main READ page features the latest “Read” articles in a unique layout. The “load more” button loads more “Read” articles via ajax.

UGA Research News READ section on mobile

Most of UGA Research’s posts are short articles that highlight a specific researcher or group of researchers. These shorter articles are frequently added to the UGA Research website.

UGA Research News READ article

UGA Research also publishes feature stories that highlight innovative research taking place at UGA through a longform, multimedia story.

UGA Research News READ feature story, the heading with title and featured image

The UGA Research feature stories have visual impacts through large images, breakout quotes and image slideshows.

UGA Research News READ feature story, blockquote example

UGA Research News READ feature story, large image example


The LOOK medium highlights stories that are interactive photo galleries.The main LOOK page includes a featured “Look” post and latest “Look” posts.

UGA Research News LOOK page with featured Look posts and latest Look posts

The individual LOOK post template includes a slideshow that opens in a full screen light box. This allows the full high-resolution images to be studied and enjoyed by site visitors.

UGA Research News LOOK page with featured Look posts and latest Look posts

UGA Research News WATCH and LOOK post templates on mobile


The WATCH medium features videos that capture the incredible research taking place at UGA.

UGA Research News WATCH page with featured video posts and latest video posts

The individual WATCH post template allows site visitors to watch the video directly through a YouTube embed.

UGA Research News WATCH page with featured video posts and latest video posts

UGA Branding

The website design UGA Research follows UGA Branding Guidelines set by UGA’s Division of Marketing & Communications. The UGA Research website has consistent typography, colors and branding elements with other UGA websites.

The UGA Research website is a custom design and features a custom Wordpress theme, but purposefully followed UGA Branding Guidelines.

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