Velveteen Pink homepage scrolling

Velveteen Pink’s homepage features a rich gradient of purples and pinks, with parallax floating bubbles. The bubbles and colors were inspired by the cover art of their latest album, Velveteen Pink. The website features a dark-scale design (aka white text on a dark background). When a user lands on the homepage their latest album immediately starts playing. As user’s visit other pages of the site, the music continues with stopping.

Velveteen Pink mobile view

A mobile view of the responsive site. The shape of bubbles inspired a variety of elements on the site, including the custom shape surrounding event dates.

Velveteen Pink event page

Here is an example of an individual event page. The event page features visuals and a grid of information. The design is mobile-friendly for those visiting the site via their smart phones.

Velveteen Pink music player

It was important that visitors could listen to Velveteen Pink’s new album directly from the site. I did this by incorporating a music player plugin. I customized the colors, typography and overall design of the music player to match the aesthetic of the rest of the site.

Velveteen Pink tablet view This is a feed of Velveteen Pink’s music videos. Users can click on the video placeholder image and a modal will open to automatically play the music video.