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When is it time to work with a website expert (aka me)?

Your business will need a website the first day you open.

You need people to be able to look you up on Google and think you’re legit.

They need to be able to view your products, see your latest work and be able to take an action like purchasing a product or getting in touch with you.

These are bare bones website expectations.

Do you need a website expert (like me) to build your first website?

Not necessarily. For many start-up businesses, I’m not the most practical option because of budget and timeline.

That’s because I DON’T do…

  • small & simple websites.
  • templated page builder websites (I’ll write about this more!)
  • cheap websites
  • quick turn around sites

But I DO…

  • solve complex problems
  • organize complex data
  • create one-of-a-kind scalable design systems
  • etc. !!

Here’s a list of businesses that need, kinda need and do not necessarily need expert services.

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1: You absolutely need to work with an expert

Why an expert: Your business has big goals that require complex solutions

#2: It would benefit you to work with an expert, but you could possibly get by okay without one

Why an expert: Your “know/like/trust factor” comes from a bespoke design. Your business will soon scale to need more creative problem solving.

#3: You don’t need to work with an expert

Why an expert: you could go with a template design but why not stand out from the rest?

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