Shopify is a premium content management system (CMS) that specializes in ecommerce. If the primary goal of your website is to sell products, I will likely recommend Shopify for you. That’s because there are many additional digital services are required to run an online store versus a more basic, static website. An ecommerce site needs a functioning checkout, shipping & delivery, inventory system, order fulfillment and more.

Shopify offers all of the backend solutions to help you run your online store from presentation to fulfillment. I specialize in custom Shopify development. I not only setup Shopify stores, but I also customize them to fit your store’s specific needs.

I’m your Shopify expert

I know Shopify top to bottom, in and out. If you are feeling overwhelmed or confused with Shopify, I’m here to help you! I’ll take care of your Shopify setup from start to finish.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Shopify account setup
  • Payment gateway setup
  • Domain name setup
  • Creating products & collections (including gift cards)
  • Setting up sales tax
  • Setting up shipping & delivery fees (based on weight, size, shipping zone, etc.)
  • Setting up your order fulfillment process (printing off shipping labels, processing returns, etc.)
  • Creating your store policies
  • Connecting additional sales channels (Facebook, Instagram, in-store POS, etc.)
  • Setting up multiple locations for your store

Third-party Apps & Integrations

Shopify apps are sometimes needed for add-on functionality. For example, setting up the ability for customer’s to personalize a product or for customers to sign up for a recurring subscription. I will guide you in the right direction when selecting the Shopify app(s) that will will work best for your website. I’ll also setup the app, customize it and take care of any ongoing support needs.

Integrations with Shopify (like email marketing, shipping fulfillment and more) are also important. I can provided advanced integrations for your Shopify website and your email marketing platform. Your email marketing and Shopify should work hand-in-hand through customer segmentation, tracking customer activity and creating customer journeys. I can also set up other integrations for dropshipping, instagram shopping and more.

Custom Shopify Theming

Shopify offers a variety of free and premium themes. I can provide custom modifications to an existing theme or create a custom Shopify theme from scratch for you. As an expert in Liquid (Shopify’s template language), I can create custom layouts, sections, headers, footers and more. Your Shopify website won’t look like a copy of other Shopify websites out there. I use the best practices to make sure any custom theming is optimized for performance, responsiveness, accessibility, cross-browser compatibly and more.

Shopify Training and Ecommerce Consulting

You can’t create an ecommerce website and then leave it. Ecommerce websites require daily management. To manage an ecommerce website, you will need to fully understand how to add products and fulfill orders. I can train you (and your team) on how to use Shopify.

Shopify training includes (but is not limited to):

  • How to add products
  • How to create collections
  • How to update homepage
  • How to update menus
  • How to fulfill orders / refund orders
  • How to create coupon codes or sitewide discounts
  • How to manage customer information
  • How to understand and manage the Shopify admin

I will also be available for ongoing ecommerce consulting and support. We can schedule periodic site reviews to go over analytics and measure how your ecommerce site is performing. I will also share with you the new trends and directions in ecommerce. An ecommerce website benefits from consistent updates and improvements.

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