Web development creates the functionality of the website. Web design is how the website looks, web development is how it works.

Pixel Perfect Web Development

I start the development phase of a project with approved site designs. I create the website to be pixel-perfect to the site designs. We do have the opportunity to tweak and improve the site designs in the development phase, but overall I deliver exactly what was promised in the design phase.

Client-Friendly Admin

I build each website on a Content Management System (CMS) like Wordpress, Shopify or Drupal. This allows me to create custom solutions on a user-friendly platform. Every website I develop is easy to update and manage without writing any code. You can switch out images, change copy, update the main menu and more. I will provide you with training and documentation on how you can login and manage your website on your own.

Third Party Solutions & Integrations

Most modern websites connect to other services like email marketing, payment gateways and more. I have created unique integrations with many third party apps, plugins and platforms. I cut out the stress and confusion for you — API key? Domain verification? — and just set up the integration successfully.

Optimization and Performance

Web development is not only if your website functions, it also means that it has to function well. Before site launch, I run a variety of tests to make sure that the site is fully optimized to perform the best for you. This includes:

  • Site Performance (i.e. how fast it loads) I run a variety of speed tests on the site and ensure that the website is optimized to load as fast as possible through caching, image optimization, minification/aggregation, hosting/server setup and more. Learn more about my site performance services here.
  • Responsive design for all devices (i.e. how the website looks on your phone) Most people will look at your website on their phones, so it’s very (very) important to me that your website looks perfect at every device size. I’ll run tests to make sure that your website looks great on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. I’ll also run tests to make sure that it looks great no matter what type of device someone uses (iPhone, android, etc.)
  • Cross-browser Compatibility (i.e. how the website looks on different browsers). Not everyone uses the same browser to visit your website. I will run tests to ensure that your website is functioning correctly on all modern browsers. Including (but not limited to) Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Edge.
  • Search Engine Optimization (i.e. how people find you on Google) The quote “if you build it, they will come” (from the move Field of Dreams!) does not apply to your website. Just because your website is beautiful and functions great, does not mean that people will find it immediately from a google search. Your website will need to be optimized for search engines for it to show up at the top of your desired google searches. I will make sure your website is setup to be properly indexed and I will set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track the success of our SEO efforts. Learn more about my SEO services here.
  • Accessibility (i.e. how people with disabilities access your website). Not everyone has the ability to see or click through your website because of a disability. It’s important that your website is optimized so that everyone can access your website regardless of ability. When developing websites, I follow accessibility guidelines and I will run accessibility tests before site launch. Learn more about my accessibility services here.
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