Wordpress is a content management system (CMS) that allows me to create a custom website for you in expedited timeframe and allows you to update and manage your website independently without knowing how to code. Wordpress is the most popular CMS and for many clients it is my preferred platform to build websites on. I love Wordpress because it is open source and allows me to make all of the advanced customizations I want to make, but it also offers a user-friendly admin for my clients to make quick updates and changes to their website. I know Wordpress in and out, and I can guide you (and your team) on how to make it work specifically for your business.

Child Theme

I start Wordpress development by creating a custom child theme for each project. The custom child theme is the pixel-perfect representation of the site designs I created for you. The child theme also includes the functionality that is unique to your website including custom fields, custom content types, custom menu configurations and more.

Third-Party Plugins

Wordpress plugins offer add-on functionalities to your website. There are many, many Wordpress plugins out there. Some plugins are amazing and others are not! I will be able to always steer you in the right direction when it comes to selecting the correct plugins for your website. I also specialize in customizing plugins to suit your specific needs and have the plugins integrate with your custom design seamlessly. If there’s ever an issue with a plugin, I will personally handle the communication with the plugin developer to resolve the issue asap!

What types of sites can you build with Wordpress?

Every type of website. I mean it.

…and so many more!

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