Drupal is a CMS that is powerful and effective. It has a steep learning curve and sometimes it can be hard to find a Drupal developer for a project. Luckily I have been developing custom Drupal websites for years!

I am particularly impressed with Drupal’s approach to content types, views and taxonomies. You can create a view in minutes on Drupal that would require a complex PHP function in Wordpress. Drupal is best suited for large websites that need to synthesize information in a variety of ways.

I specialize in Drupal development for the following industries:

  • Independent Bookstores. Many independent bookstores across the country use the American Bookseller’s Association’s solution for e-commerce: Indiecommerce. Indiecommerce allows bookstores to sell an inventory of millions of books online. Their platform runs on Drupal and I’ve had the honor of working with some the most popular bookstores in the Country including:
  • University of Georgia. Many departments and institutions at UGA power their websites on Drupal. Drupal is a great solution for higher education websites because it is flexible, powerful and scalable. Drupal websites I have created for UGA include:
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